Badtablett - Weightless

Weightless – Persika & Mandelblomma

29.00 kr


The SPARKLING BATH BUOYANCE leaves you feeling buoyant with the gentle velvety caress of peach notes and a delicate touch of almond blossom. Let your mind wander in its warm embrace. An intensive skin care complex made of high-quality macadamia nut and almond oil protects your skin from drying out and keeps it silky smooth. Does not contain animal-based ingredients.

Impact: relaxing, sensual
Scent: floral, fruity
Natural Ingredients: almond oil, avocado oil, peach stone oil
Nourishing Ingredients: allantoin, almond oil, avocado oil, peach stone oil, wheat protein
Quality: micro plastic-free according to formula, vegan